Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Tour Begins

Mitch's new book "Keeping the Republic" is out and has been a good read so far (read the first couple chapters). He's also on a book tour --- last night he was on the Daily Show for a very extended interview.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Budget Priorities

This is a clip of Governor Daniels discussing his legislative priorities:

The two best ideas: "rewarding teachers like crazy" if they teach well and then allowing students who graduate high school early to use the money they save the state towards their own higher education.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Luga Endorses, Iowa Publicity and News Roundup

The governor set out some amazingly simple principles this week -- the first is that if you use something you should pay for it--- when he discussed his preference that tolls be used to find the construction of two bridges across the Ohio River. Second, he explained how leasing the toll road and using that money in a disciplined manner will fund infrastructure for multiple generations. He also received good publicity from Terry Branstad, the former four term and now running again governor of Iowa. Best, he received the highest of praise from his former boss and political mentor, Dick Lugar.

From a "Draft" perspective, it seems as though Steve Forbes is on The Draft Daniels team.Although there is nothing new here, it is nice to see some Iowa coverage. The better news is that Karl Rove is puffing Daniels, although it would be impolite to NOT puff the Republican governor of the state that you are visiting. This analysis also addresses Daniels quiet competence and why such a record will be a virtue in the next election.

More importantly, Daniels struck an appropriate tone in regards to Sarah Palin: complimentary, but far from an endorsement.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Economist on the Bus

The Economist profiled the Governor this week which was reposted in a number of places, but the key paragraph was the last one:

Mr Daniels still insists he is unlikely to run for president. But he has a familiar post-partisan sheen, not unlike a certain former senator—though he is more conservative, shorter and much balder. He likes to talk about a “programme of unusual boldness” that unites the parties and sets America back on track. “Supposedly we are not capable of making decisions like this,” Mr Daniels said, grinning as he smacked a stubborn bottle of ketchup. “But somebody has got to try.”

Sounds like a little closer hedge to the "maybe" column.

Daniels also continued his stance of "cashing the checks" if the feds send them. Some GOPers refusing money is a religious experience, but it does just allow other states to benefit, while yours does not.

Also, if you are a policy wonk interested at innovation at the state level, this is for you.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daniels on Fox News Sunday

Chris Wallace puffs Daniels with a lead in talking about how Indiana is growing jobs faster than the national average. He makes the point that bailing out states bails out the profligate and bills the responsible.

"You'd really be amazed at how much government you would never miss"

"I was never in a debate with Members of Congress where they wanted to spend less" --- and he admitted that the Bush administration spent too much."

Daniels ideas for stoking growth: Encourage money on the sidelines to come back to work: incentivize investment, speed up regulatory permitting, President should have impoundment power.

Daniels on entitlement reform --- "we are practicing child abuse in a literal sense": "Of course we do" Ching entitlements:

-- Means test it
-- Raise retirement age
-- Changing indexation formula

On protecting entitlements: "especially for people who need it most"

On the "truce" question: "Stop dividing people ... as this administration likes to do .... expression of the hope ... put first things first."

On IA and NH: No --- my attention is focused on the challenges and opportunities facing Indiana.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Profile in Human Events

If you are a fan of the Governor, then most of this will not be news, but it is nice to see Human Events jump on the train.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Social Media, Trash Talk and More

Kudos for the Governor for expanding his social media presence to include his PAC --- but only 250 "likes" --- somebody needs to get on this. The CPA for a well run FB campaign is about 17 cents and with some nationwide targeting, Daniels should be able to get well over 10,000 quickly and move up from there (Romney is over 460,000).

Daniels finally showed some spunk (publicly --- he's been known to do it in private) while campaigning with OH Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich, by insinuating that with Ted Strickland as Governor, Ohio is easy to compete with. Also, a favorable article by National Public Radio (I know, I can't believe it either), points out that Indiana is in much better fiscal shape than Illinois, which, as we all know, means that Indiana pays their bills in cash. (I can trash talk Illinois, I grew up there.) Also, a favorable profile is here as well.