Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daniels on Fox News Sunday

Chris Wallace puffs Daniels with a lead in talking about how Indiana is growing jobs faster than the national average. He makes the point that bailing out states bails out the profligate and bills the responsible.

"You'd really be amazed at how much government you would never miss"

"I was never in a debate with Members of Congress where they wanted to spend less" --- and he admitted that the Bush administration spent too much."

Daniels ideas for stoking growth: Encourage money on the sidelines to come back to work: incentivize investment, speed up regulatory permitting, President should have impoundment power.

Daniels on entitlement reform --- "we are practicing child abuse in a literal sense": "Of course we do" Ching entitlements:

-- Means test it
-- Raise retirement age
-- Changing indexation formula

On protecting entitlements: "especially for people who need it most"

On the "truce" question: "Stop dividing people ... as this administration likes to do .... expression of the hope ... put first things first."

On IA and NH: No --- my attention is focused on the challenges and opportunities facing Indiana.

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