Sunday, August 22, 2010

Economist on the Bus

The Economist profiled the Governor this week which was reposted in a number of places, but the key paragraph was the last one:

Mr Daniels still insists he is unlikely to run for president. But he has a familiar post-partisan sheen, not unlike a certain former senator—though he is more conservative, shorter and much balder. He likes to talk about a “programme of unusual boldness” that unites the parties and sets America back on track. “Supposedly we are not capable of making decisions like this,” Mr Daniels said, grinning as he smacked a stubborn bottle of ketchup. “But somebody has got to try.”

Sounds like a little closer hedge to the "maybe" column.

Daniels also continued his stance of "cashing the checks" if the feds send them. Some GOPers refusing money is a religious experience, but it does just allow other states to benefit, while yours does not.

Also, if you are a policy wonk interested at innovation at the state level, this is for you.

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