Monday, August 30, 2010

Luga Endorses, Iowa Publicity and News Roundup

The governor set out some amazingly simple principles this week -- the first is that if you use something you should pay for it--- when he discussed his preference that tolls be used to find the construction of two bridges across the Ohio River. Second, he explained how leasing the toll road and using that money in a disciplined manner will fund infrastructure for multiple generations. He also received good publicity from Terry Branstad, the former four term and now running again governor of Iowa. Best, he received the highest of praise from his former boss and political mentor, Dick Lugar.

From a "Draft" perspective, it seems as though Steve Forbes is on The Draft Daniels team.Although there is nothing new here, it is nice to see some Iowa coverage. The better news is that Karl Rove is puffing Daniels, although it would be impolite to NOT puff the Republican governor of the state that you are visiting. This analysis also addresses Daniels quiet competence and why such a record will be a virtue in the next election.

More importantly, Daniels struck an appropriate tone in regards to Sarah Palin: complimentary, but far from an endorsement.

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